History of the Wymore Country Club

          The Wymore Country Club is a 9-hole semi- public golf course.  It was organized and built in 1960.  The members began play in 1961.  The original shares of stock were sold for $100 per share, with individuals able to buy a share of stock and businesses being able to buy up to 3 shares of stock.  There were originally 85 members in 1960.  From 1961 through 1967 the course had sand greens.  In 1962, a barn was transformed into a clubhouse.  In 1964, a high school team was formed and began play on the course.  In 1992, a deck was added to the west side of the clubhouse.In 1998, a bar was opened in the clubhouse. A pergola was added to the deck in 2007 and in 2009, the inside of the clubhouse was updated with a new wall covering.  The Wymore Country Club has and continues to depend on volunteer help for their success.

Original Board Members (1961)

Gene Vineyard – President

Merle Graves – Secretary-Treasurer

Harry Johnson

Elwood Purdy

D A Runyon

Mel Scholle

Pictorial History

Pictorial History